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Too busy for self-care? Here are some tips!

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Here are my suggestions on how to give your skin some love and addself-caree to your life when things are busy.

Ok, you guys know how I feel about self-care (hint why I own a spa, lol). It is easy to avoid having a self-care day; getting busy with everyone else is easy. Taking time to pamper yourself gets lost in doing life, but I'm here to remind you to have a self-care day...or moment. Self-care IS being productive. Self-care can look different for everyone; for some, it looks like doing their favorite hobby, working out, baking, art, or a nice tub with bath salts and a face mask ( that's my fav way lol); the point is to UNWIND, to stop thinking about the day and have some time for yourself to do what you enjoy. Trust me when I tell you, you WILL be more productive when you care for your mental health. I know kids and housework can take up a lot of time, but if you need to schedule it, then do it! You schedule everything and everyone in right? Skincare is a huge part of self-care and hygiene. My clients often complain that they don't have time for face masks and a routine, especially at night!

Here are some ideas of what you can do to fit in some self-care for your skin.

Tip #1 -Renewing sleeping mask

Sleeping masks are an excellent option for busy lives! They are fantastic for renewing your skin while you sleep. There is lots in the market because they truly make a difference in your skin while you sleep. They repair damage and hydrate which are 2 important things your skin needs. I recommend @liraclinical 's new brightening mask. It Brightens skin through a triple-powered vitamin C complex and next-generation peptide technology, as well as Tropical enzymes that digest dead skin cells refining skin texture and pores. You can check it out at the spa or ask us for a sample!

Tip #2 - Sheet masks

You can use a sheet/cream mask when you cook, scroll social media, fold laundry, and get ready for bed. Make sure to set a timer according to user instructions. (its best to do masks and exfoliation at night time so your skin can use them to rejuvenate itself)

Tip #3 - Wash your face

Cleansing your skin is a pain, and I get it; nobody wants to do it. BUT this is an essential step in a skincare routine. When you don't properly wash your face, you are not getting the full benefits of your serum and moisturizers. Cleansing properly will create success when it comes to the health of your skin. I will do another blog about properly cleaning your skin, so stay tuned for that! But to make it easy, buy two cleansers (hear me out, ok?) I know it's a little more investment than you would like BUT it will make your life easier in the long run. I have two cleansers because I get lazy too; yeah, I know I'm an esthetician, weird right?! but I'm also human, and I have days where I want to pass out and sleep. So I leave a cleanser in the shower and one by my sink. There is no excuse for me now! You can use it when you shower and before bed when you brush your teeth (which I'm hoping is part of your routine, if not, we have bigger things to worry about); you will also be set on cleansers for a while, so win-win!

Tip #4 - Establish a routine

Have an established day and night routine. Plan, plan, plan! What's that saying? "if you don't plan, you plan to fail" or something like that, anyway, whoever said that is right. I love having a planner, and I plan out everything, even my self-care. Trust me; this will change everything. If you set a time and day to have 30 minutes to yourself, you can make it happen. If you have a night and morning routine, you can see the spaces in the day where you can squeeze in some self-care. You can even get up earlier, if you can, and have some time to yourself before everyone else wakes up or you have to go to work. Look, I'm not a morning person, but when I changed my mind about it and started to appreciate the morning and slowly build up to getting up earlier, it changed my life. If you already wake up early, take a little extra time at night when you shut off phones, turn off the tv, and turn on your favorite podcast, audiobook, or music.

Tip #5 - Make it fun

(This one kind of goes with the tip above) Make your routine fun! I highly recommend "atomic habits" This book is life-changing and will teach you how to create new habits and break bad ones. (it's free on youtube, ahem) I've enjoyed reading it, and this can help many people. Think of ways to make your routine more enjoyable, and you will start looking forward to it. Write it down. Most of the time we don't have time for self-care due to having a disorganized lifestyle, trust me I know. The house turns upside down, and everyone needs you. The key is to create daily systems to keep things organized, for example, organizing a little bit every day will eventually add up and you don't have to worry about doing it all in one day. small habits create big results. I could go on and on about this honestly.. let me know if this is something you are interested in learning more about.

Tip #6 - Plan a spa day

Go to the spa! Duh, I had to put that in here. Let a professional take care of you! Block out 1 hour a month and go to the spa! It's not a luxury. It's a wellness habit. Going to the gym is good for your body; the spa is good for your mind and skin. You can try different types of facials; even a great 30 min affordable facial can do wonders! You have to give it a try, and I promise you'll be addicted ;)

What is your favorite self-care practice? Comment below!

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